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     Our glass cutting liquid is a concentrate
cutting liquid and can be universally applied to
any metal-resin combining diamond tools of
optical glasses and quartzs. (such as flaring
diamond wheels, diamond pellets) It increases
cutting speed and accuracy.

Diluted scale
Pink and transparent liquid
200kg by hermetic metal bucket
Light yellow and transparent liquid
Light yellow and transparent liquid

  Main function :

1 .Clean up,improves cutting power:
Extends the life of a cutting tool, improves cutting power, shortens processing time and work pieces clean up.
2.Lubrication :
Glass cutting liquid can reduce the noise generated,minimize nick and avoid sparks in cutting processing which will improve the surface quality of the work pieces.
3.Reduces bubbles and ,assists deposition:
It can prevent circle-bubbles from being produced in the grinding processing, speeds up the deposition of glass chippings and improves the purity of the cutting liquid in the cutting cycle.
4.Prevents rust:
Our glass cutting liquid inhibits the formation of rust on the grinding machines and associated equipments.

   Nanpi County Polishing
Material Factory was established in the early 1980's
and is the first manufacturer of glass.......

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